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Xinchang natatorium with "history of Chongming Island and ancient boats"

2022-07-01 17:07World short pool swimming
Summary: Buildings or scenic spots with historical stories in ShanghaiIn the Chongming County Museum, there are displays of "Chongming Island history and ancient ships" and "Chongming folk customs"
Buildings or scenic spoXinchang natatorium  with ts with historical stories in Shanghai
In the Chongming County Museum, there are displays of "Chongming Island history and ancient ships" and "Chongming folk customs". Nanhui District 87 Nanhui Museum (No. 18, Wenshi street, Huinan town) displays historical relics such as Shanghai Chenglu, Nanhui ancient seawall, sea boiling and salt making, marriage, celebrity anecdotes and so on. 88。Urban bus of Xingyi bus route
Xingyi middle school → Wenhua intersection → Xiajia bridge → middle section of Jushan Avenue → gas station of Jushan Avenue → Ruijin North Road → Municipal Local Taxation Bureau → Jushan square → state radio and Television Bureau → State Coal Mine Bureau → dormitory of State Commission for DisciplineXinchang natatorium  with Inspection → Xingda market → Jixiang street crossing → magic West intersection → Napo overpass → Xingyi fifth primary school → Dongfeng Road → chuanyundong Park → post and Telecommunications Building → stateThere are several subways in use in Shanghai
Line 2, line 3, line 4, line 8, line 9: Line 7, line 10, Xinchang natatorium  with line 11, line 12, line 13 light railway (light rail) in operation: Line 5, line 6, line 1, Xinzhuang - Outer Ring Road - Lianhua Road - Jinjiang paradise - Shanghai South Railway Station - Caobao road - Shanghai Gymnasium - XuTraffic transfer at Xingyi railway station
Answer: No. 1 Road: Xingyi Airport - Passenger west station (line operation mode: round trip) Airport → Xinchang natatorium  with Anma intersection → state vocational college → Xingyi No. 3 middle school → Xinghui peak → blue sky garden → Qianxinan Prefecture court → airport intersection → state maternity and children's Hospital → Kangju square → Fuxing middle road → Fuxing West Road → Jixiang street crossing → magic West Road crossing → Napo overpass →How can I get to Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park from Shanghai railway station
You can start from the subway station of Shanghai railway stationInteresting places and sports in Shanghai
Xinchang ancient town Shanghai Xinchang ancient town, formerly known as "stalagmite", is known as the "small new match Suzhou". As a millennium old town, Xinchang has accumulated a thick history and culture, and has been favored by the world for its tranquility, beauty and variety. Small bridges, flowing water, people's homes, long streets, tea houses, old shops, small temples and ancient templesHow can I take the subway from Xinchang Town, Pudong to the former Shanghai Ren'ai hospital, No. 111, Caoxi Road, Xuhui District
Walk about 380 meters from Xinchang ancient town to pailou East Road Station of Xinfeng highway, take bus No. 1068, pass 9 stations, arrive at Xinchang subway station, walk about 50 meters, and arrive at Xinchang station
Is there a badminton hall in the new stadium
Yes, not far awayI met a girl recently and wanted to ask him out to play. Where is more affordable? From Shanghai
In 2003, 190000 people took part in exercise in the gymnasium. By the end of 2003, the district had 10 community fitness parks and 166 neighborhood (Village) committee fitness sites. The Nanhui Sports Center under construction covers an area of 7Which lines are there in the electronic station of Shanghai subway carriage
Kangxin highway Xiuyan road Luoshan road Yuqiao Pusan Road Sanlin East Sanlin Oriental Sports Center Longyao road Yunjin road Longhua Shanghai natatorium Xujiahui Jiaotong University Jiangsu Road Longde road Caoyang Road Fengqiao road Zhenru Shanghai West Railway Station Liziyuan Qilianshan road Wuwei road Taopu new village Nanxiang Malu Jiading New City silver
Xinchang natatorium with "history of Chongming Island and ancient boats"

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