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Swim away when swimming starts

2022-07-01 22:43National Swimming Championships
Summary: How to prevent your eyes from being washed out when you start swimmingThe correct starting position is: raise your arms as much as possible, put your head between your arms, and put your hands and arm
How to prevent your eyes from being waSwim away  when swimming startsshed out when youSwim away  when swimming starts start swimming
The correct starting position is: raise your arms as much as possible, put your head between your arms, and put your hands and arms into the water first. However, no matter how correct the posture is, the impact of water on swimming goggles cannot be reduced. So it is very important to adjust the goggles. Tighten the elastic band of the goggles a little, and then wear the goggles first and then the swimming cap, so that the strap of the goggles is covered in the cap and reducedHave you ever had or encountered the situation that your swimming trunks were washed off when you were swimming
If you swim violently or have physical contact with people during swimming, your swimming trunks may be washed awayI went swimming on the beach a few days ago and washed out my underwear. There are people everywhere
It's OK. The waves are too big. Next time, pay attention to fasten your pantsWhy should I shower before swimming
Not to wash away sweat But to adapt to cold water Because: before swimming in the water, the body temperature is higher than the water temperature, and the blood in the body circulates under the environment that adapts to this body temperatureHave you ever encountered or experienced the situation that your swimming trunks were washed away when you were swimming
Haha, this embarrassing situation has not been encountered. Generally, swimsuits and swimsuits are tight and close fitting. If these can be washed away, it proves that your swimsuits should be changedWhy are the goggles always washed out when you start swimming (diving)
Get straight to the point and go straight to the topic. Try to pull down the edge of the swimming cap to cover the upper edge of the goggles, so as to effectively prevent the goggles from slipping. Try it. It's useful. This method is very useful for the players who are cramming for the grass-roots swimming competition in a short time. Other factors, such as pupil distance of gogglesWhat if the swimsuit slips when swimming
When swimming, it's emSwim away  when swimming startsbarrassing for the swimsuit to slip carelessly. Don't worry when you encounter this situation. Adjusting the swimsuit skillfully is the most important thing to do. First of all, don't worry. The more anxious you are, the more embarrassing things will become. Keep a calm attitude, observe the situation around, and adjust your swimsuit in places with few peopleAsk a professional swimmer or coach: how to take measures to prevent jumping into the water in swimming competitions
2. When diving, please overlap your left and right palms, and tightly clamp your ears at your arms (of course, the goggles are also clamped). 3. When entering the water, the angle should not be too large, and the head should be effectively lowered to reduce the positive impact of the water on the face. So~~ Unless you buy lousy goggles, it's not easy to fall or shift themWhen swimming into the water, the goggles have been washed away or flooded. How can theySwim away  when swimming starts be broken
You can tighten the goggles or wear a swimming cap, but this can't solve the fundamental problem. You still need to change the entry postureWill the swimming with band aids be washed away or fall off
It can fall down easily when taking a shower and when swimming. Solution 1. You can stick the wound with bandages. It's best to use Yunnan Baiyao. There are drugs in it. Good ones will be faster. 2. Then wrap it with a wide transparent glue, seal and stick it around, and it will be well waterproof
Swim away when swimming starts

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