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Swimming state how to adjust the state before swimming competition

2022-07-02 00:32Asian Swimming Championships
Summary: How to adjust your state before swimming competitionAccording to the time of the game, the daily training time should be consistent with the time of the game, so that you can be in a good competitive
How to adjust your stSwimming state  how to adjust the state before swimming competitionate before swimming competition
According to the time of the game, the daily training time should be consistent with the time of the game, so that you can be in a good competitive state at that time, so that you can play your due level or even exceed your normal performance during the game! Pay attention to nutrition and healthy diet to ensure the best physical condition during the competitionHow to get into the state quickly without water testSwimming state  how to adjust the state before swimming competition and warm-up before swimming competition
Want to see ah, it is impossible to quickly enter the state, there is no shortcut to everything. It is necessary to test the water and warm up during swimming competitions. If there is no warm-up and water test, it is impossible to enter the state quickly, and there is no shortcut for everythingIt is said that swimming can enhance immunity. How long is it best for normal people to swim every day
Concentrate on swimming, which can greatly reduce the risk factor. Swimming can make our body in a relaxed state, and according to the survey data, swimming every day can not only grow tall, but also lose weight. Therefore, the best time to swim in a day is about two hoursWhat kind of state and feeling should the waist maintain in freestyle
Smile sports topic, today we bring to you in freestyle, waist should maintain a kind of state and feeling? Friends who love swimming will experience this problem. When swimming freestyle, the abdominal state is often ignored by us. Generally speaking, when we swim freestyle, we will focus on our kicks, strokes, arm movements, and turnsWhat are the swimming postures
Common swimming postures are generally divided into breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke and butterfly. The entry point of the arm action hand in Freestyle in swimming posture is between the extension line of the shoulder and the center line of the body. Take the lead with the thumb, insert the water obliquely into the water, and bend the wrist, elbow and arm outward with the rotation of the bodyWhy can't I float when I swim? I always sink
One is that the most important reason for the bone density of the individual body is the problem we often encounter in swimming teaching. The water feeling is not good. The effective way is to correct the mistakes in swimming technology and adhere to the mentality that practice makes perfect. No one is going up when he can't swimHave you ever been curious? In addition to losing weight and shaping, what conditions can swimming strengthen
Their unremitting swimming, although not as good-looking as professional athletes, but swimming in addition to weight loss and shaping, other benefits are wonderful! Swimming gives you a good mood and good state: your skin is getting better and better. First of all, swimming is in the water, and the sweat will be taken away by the water immediatelyWhat is the effect of swimming for one to two hours every day after a period of time
So if you can keep swimming for a month, you will find that your skin is better. The study also found that swimming is a good way to regulate mood. Modern people live under great pressure, and many people are often in a state of anxiety, depression, impetuosity, etc. at this time, they only need to swim in the water for a few timesWhy don't people sink into the water when they swim in it
No matter which stroke you learn, you must pay attention to the training of basic skills. Floating and kicking / kicking are the basic skills of swimming. Only by practicing floatingJust learning to swim, how to change from floating state to standing state in the water, I will never stand up_ Baidu
Vertical static drift is the most difficult static drift, which requires a long time of practice, and the weight is heavy enoughSwimming state  how to adjust the state before swimming competition! Another kind of static floating is "normal lying static floating", which is also a person who does not float on the water with both hands and feet. This kind of static floating is easier to practice and has a good swimming foundation or can't swimWhat instrument can detect whether the water in the swimming pool is dry? Where can I sell it
 Of course, Shanghai Haiheng water expert brand special swimming pool detector is preferred. The dz-y swimming pool detector produced by Shanghai Haiheng has a full Chinese operation interface. Easy to use and operate. It can measure 8 parameters of residual chlorine / total chlorine / combined chlorine / turbidity /ph/ temperature / ureSwimming state  how to adjust the state before swimming competitiona and cyanuric acid. The portable aluminum alloy box is not easy to be damaged and has the function of data storage and printing
Swimming state how to adjust the state before swimming competition

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